• Pulled Pork Burrito
    The delicious Pulled Pork Burrito is a favorite among our regulars.


  • Crab Rangoon
    Malee's famous Crab Rangoon


  • Chicken Satay
    Thai Chicken Satay - You know you love this one!


  • Pad Thai
    Shrimp Pad Thai - The most popular dish in Thailand!


  • Thai Tacos
    Thai Taco appetizers with Pulled Pork in a Chinese style shell - WOW!


  • Shrimp Summer Rolls
    Refreshing Shrimp Summer Rolls


  • Thai Tacos
    Chicken Thai Tacos - Bet you've never seen that before!


  • General Tso's Chicken
    General Tso's Chicken - A classic dish


  • Singapore Noodles
    Singapore Noodles - a spicy (very), distinctive, and delicious meal!